Fall In Love With Autumn Color

By Terren Landscapes

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The Third Act 

Fall Color Prepares to Take Center Stage

It seems like just yesterday we were talking about the symphony of spring and dining al fresco during warm summer nights. With the change of season, comes a change in scene. Before the chill of winter pulls the stage curtain closed, the third act opens and the northeastern greenspace begins its final dazzling performance. With clients beginning to schedule for fall fine garden displays, we wanted to share some of the most popular plantings that are requested.

The Jewel-Toned Blooms Of Fall

Color vibrates differently in the fall. The sky appears a deeper blue and the sunshine transforms from a brilliant white to a brushed gold. From annuals to perennials, these lush jewel-toned blossoms that dot the fall landscape steal the show. The range of shape and transitions of color throughout the season are sure to impress.







SEDUM. This perennial rates among the most popular choices for fall blooms thanks to its long-lasting flower clusters.

BEGONIA & MARIGOLD. Not only do they provide a gorgeous burst of color, the green leaf begonia and the marigold are also deer-resistant.

CELOSIA INTENZ. This annual bloom provides an eye-catching display of flower clusters. Celosia is used in planters, in borders as well as edging.

RUSSIAN SAGE. With its airy spires of small, purple-blue flowers and soft green foliage, Russian sage lends a haze of color from Midsummer through the fall.

HARDY MUM. These blossoms are the true divas of autumn garden. With their tight mounded habit and stunning show of color, the design possibilities are endless.

FALL ASTER. This hardy perennial adds superb color in the fall landscape. While they are often mistaken as daisies, they’re actually part of the same family as sunflowers.

Foliage & Grasses Add Unique Texture & Color

Some prefer the use of interesting foliage and ornamental grasses in the fall landscape to achieve soft, rich texture and color. Here are some popular varieties.



COLEUS | Solar Shadow

COLEUS | Keystone Copper


EUPHORBIA | Black Bird

MISCANTHUS. With its graceful arching stems, Miscanthus adds dimension, color and movement wherever it is placed whether in the garden or in a planter.

CAREX. Despite its appearance, Carex is not an ornamental grass but rather a sedge. This particular variety, Cappuccino, flickers with orange and raspberry colors and grows in an attractive mound.

COLEUS | Solar Shadow. With some of the most colorful foliage of any plant, Coleus is a true show-stopper. Available in a wide variety of colors, it does particularly well in planters and urns.

COLEUS | Keystone Copper. This variety of coleus is known for its rich fall color and as autumn begins to transition with cooler temps, the color intensifies.

EUPHORBIA | Ruby Glow. This evergreen shrub features a medley of deep burgundy, bronze-hued maroon, and ruby red foliage. Ruby glow looks lovely nestled in the front of a border or showcased in a container.

EUPHORBIA | Black Bird. Euphorbia, an evergreen perennial, has a compact, bushy growth habit. The outstanding feature of the blackbird variety is its dark purple foliage and the gorgeous clusters of flowers that bloom in the early winter/spring.

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