Landscape Maintenance

Full Service Landscape Care

A Symphony of Services

We understand that your landscape is a living canvas, evolving with each season. That’s why at Terren Landscapes, we don’t just maintain; we nurture. Introducing our All-In-One Landscape Maintenance – a comprehensive service that encompasses all facets of landscape care, designed with a commitment to beauty, longevity, and your peace of mind.

Why Terren Landscapes?

All-in-One Landscaping

No more stress of handling multiple contractors by utilizing Terren for all of your landscape maintenance needs.

Every Call Answered

With dedicated account managers and a full-time office staff, your communications are responded to every time, as they should be.

High-End Standards

We have a stellar reputation for being a top-tier maintenance provider, meaning our quality of work is second to none, and “good enough” isn’t in our vocabulary.

Custom Landscape Care

Weekly Lawn Maintenance

For over 40 years, Terren has provided weekly lawn care services for customers all throughout Philadelphia’s Main Line suburbs. During each lawn mowing visit, we also use string trimmers to edge the perimeter of your lawn and tidy up around trees and posts. After mowing and trimming services are performed, we blow grass clippings off of all walks, drives and patios, making sure all is clean and well-manicured before we leave. A weekly weeding service can also be included at each mowing visit upon request.

Spring & Fall Cleanups

Property clean-ups, where landscapers use a combination of rakes and blowers to collect fallen leaves and debris from your yard each spring and fall, are an essential part of any full-service landscape maintenance package. Both horticulturally and aesthetically beneficial, clean-ups give your property a “clean slate” to build on each season and ensure everything is kept tidy over winter. At Terren, we also integrate off-site leaf disposal and ornamental grass cutbacks with the service, making it especially comprehensive, efficient and effective!

Shrub & Hedge Trimming

Professional hedge trimming may not be offered by most landscaping companies on the Main Line, but at Terren it’s one of our key services. At the appropriate times, we hand-prune, hand shear and shape all small trees and shrubs on your property, giving your landscape a neat, manicured look you’ll love. Boxwood pruning, deadheading and cutbacks are also provided at the same time, or in separate visits depending on the property. Removal and disposal of cuttings is included.

Mulch Applications

Few services are as impactful as a fresh mulch application, which breathes new life into a landscape by re-defining edges and providing a dark background against which your plant material can contrast, making it all “pop” far more. Beyond the aesthetic benefits, applying a new, two to three inch layer of mulch each year also does wonders for your plants, which really appreciate the moisture retention and protection from the elements that it provides. At Terren, we offer multiple types of mulch, including pine straw and sweet peat upon request. 

Fine Gardening & Plant Care

Keeping your shrubs, perennials, annuals and trees happy each season can be difficult without the time and expertise us plant care specialists have. With multiple horticultural experts on staff, we regularly diagnose and fix problems caused by plant diseases, pests, nutrient deficiencies and other abiotic or biotic factors. Using carefully-timed fertilizer applications, advanced pruning techniques and over 35 years of experience providing horticultural services, we’re able to keep your yard and garden beautiful year round.

Weed And Pest Control

Left to grow uninhibited, weeds can destroy the aesthetic of your landscape and choke out the plants you actually do want there, like perennials, shrubs and grass or groundcover. At Terren, we provide weed control and weed removal services for your entire landscape, utilizing non-toxic (zero Roundup!) herbicide sprays, pre-emergent weed control applications and hand-weeding to ensure your lawn and garden look neat and tidy all season long. Pest control services, like deer spray applications, are also offered.

Snow Plowing & Salting

Shoveling heavy snow and getting your car stuck leaving the driveway is not just inconvenient–it’s dangerous, too. Aside from the common back injuries, you’re also risking slips and falls that can put you out of commission quick. With our snow plowing and ice treatment service, you’ll stay safe and mobile no matter how serious the storm. Whether you’re a doctor that can’t risk being late to a surgery, or just have a property too large to do yourself, give us a call. Once that first snowflake falls, you’ll be happy you did! 

Custom Services

In addition to the landscaping services above, we’re also able to provide just about any unique or one-off service your landscape might require. This includes everything from winterizing a fountain each year to preparing your property for an upcoming event, such as a wedding. Our experience and expertise with all aspects of landscape design, installation and maintenance makes us fully equipped to handle just about everything you can think of—not something your average landscaper can say!