Landscape Design in Ardmore, PA

Premier Landscaping in Ardmore

Positioned in the core of Ardmore, Terren Landscapes has emerged as the preeminent selection for intricate landscape design and meticulous maintenance since 1983. Our longstanding presence within the community and unwavering commitment to materializing dreams have marked us as a keystone in this historic locale.


Working closely with you, our team ensures each project reflects the unique beauty and charm of Villanova. Contact us to get started today.


Our finely selected in-house crews and craftsman specialists will transform your design into reality with our fine touch of Garden Artistry.


Regular upkeep is essential, and our maintenance team ensures your landscape remains pristine, letting you enjoy Villanova’s four seasons without a hitch.

The terren PROMISE

Distinctive Maintenance

To us, maintenance in Villanova isn’t routine; it’s a tribute. Ensuring that each space remains pristine, echoing the town’s sophistication and the esteemed ethos of its ‘nearby’ University, our maintenance regime is crafted for perfection.

Fully Electric Landscape Maintenance Crew
Arborvitae Trees Staged Along Driveway

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Tailored Landscape Designs

Villanova is not just a locale, it’s a legacy. Every residence here is a testament to history and prestige. Our designs aim to elevate this aura, crafting spaces that blend seamlessly with Villanova’s architectural heritage, yet offer modern functionality. From tranquil retreats to regal entertainment zones, we design to elevate Villanova living.

since 1983

Why Villanova Chose Terren Landscapes

Our designs are rooted in respect for Villanova’s storied past, ensuring a seamless blend of old-world charm with contemporary flair.

Drawing inspiration from the venerable nearby University, our landscapes radiate scholarly grace and serenity.

Every project we undertake is a commitment to excellence, mirroring Villanova’s pursuit of distinction.

Whether it’s a heritage site or a modern mansion, we bring fresh, innovative ideas to the forefront, ensuring uniqueness in every endeavor.

Experience the Terren Tradition in Villanova

Villanova isn’t just a project site; it’s a canvas rich with history and prestige. Collaborate with Terren Landscapes, and let’s paint a verdant masterpiece that resonates with Villanova’s grand narrative.