Landscape Design in Bryn Mawr, PA

Discover Bryn Mawr's Premier Landscaping Partner

Nestled in the heart of Bryn Mawr, we at Terren Landscapes have been the preferred choice for refined landscape design and meticulous maintenance since 1983. Our deep roots in the community and unwavering commitment to bringing visions to life have made us a hallmark in this historic town.


From consultation to creation: Terren crafts tailored landscapes that bloom with your vision. Experience design evolution, step by committed step.


Our finely selected in-house crews and craftsman specialists will transform your design into reality with our fine touch of Garden Artistry.


Preserve, enhance, thrive: Terren’s meticulous care ensures your green oasis remains vibrant. Witness diligent dedication in every seasonal shift.

The terren difference

Dedicated Maintenance

Maintenance isn’t just about pruning and mowing. It’s about preserving the artistry of the landscape and enhancing its beauty season after season. Our maintenance team, familiar with the unique terrain and flora of Bryn Mawr, offers specialized care that ensures your outdoor space remains as impeccable as the day it was installed.

Landscape Photo Of Perennials And Artisanal Masonry

for Bryn Mawr Residences

Timeless Landscape Designs

Every Bryn Mawr home tells a story, and every garden should be its captivating prologue. Our landscape design team, adept at blending modern techniques with the quaint charm of Bryn Mawr, crafts bespoke outdoor spaces that are both functional and enchanting. Whether it’s a serene zen garden or a lively entertainment space, we curate designs that resonate with your lifestyle and the architectural heritage of Bryn Mawr.

since 1983

Why Bryn Mawr Chooses Terren Landscapes

Having served Bryn Mawr for decades, we have an intimate understanding of the area’s climate, soil, and aesthetics.

From initial design to regular upkeep, we offer an all-encompassing solution tailored to Bryn Mawr’s landscape needs.

Our reputation stands on our unwavering commitment to quality, be it in the materials we choose, the designs we conceptualize, or the maintenance services we offer.

Be it drainage challenges or space constraints, we pride ourselves on our ability to offer innovative and artful solutions that stand out and stand the test of time.

Experience the Terren Difference​

Bryn Mawr isn’t just a location to us; it’s home. It’s where we’ve built our legacy of transforming landscapes and forging lasting relationships. Dive into a partnership with Terren Landscapes and let’s craft a verdant tapestry that does justice to both your vision and Bryn Mawr’s storied charm.