Frequently Asked Questions

We took some time to answer commonly asked questions.

It’s likely your question, or answer, is presented on this page. If you’d rather talk to us directly, feel free to email us, call us, or send a message through our websites nifty inquiry form. We answer all messages.

General Questions

Who is Terren Landscapes?

Terren Landscapes is a premier landscaping company, specializing in landscape design, installation, and maintenance. We've been transforming outdoor spaces with dedication and passion for over 40 years.

Where is Terren Landscapes located?

Our company is headquartered in Conshohocken, PA and currently only offers services locally.

Our Design Studio will soon be open to Clients and visitors to view previous work, samples, and experience their proposed designs in VR.

What areas do you serve?

We provide services to the Main Line suburbs south and west of Philadelphia, which includes Radnor, Gladwyne, Lower Merion Twp, Bala Cynwyd, Villanova, King of Prussia, Chestnut Hill, Haverford, Ardmore, Berwyn, Bryn Mawr, Devon, Narberth, Paoli, Malvern, West Chester, Newtown Square, Media, Wayne and others.

Are you licensed and insured?

Absolutely. We touch many of the historic and new estates on the Main Line. As we all know, accidents can happen - that's why we are fully licensed and insured, ensuring safety and professionalism in every project we handle.

Why do you cost more than the guy in the pickup truck?

The old adage of “you get what you pay for” is true of landscaping as well. A friendly, neighborhood operation might cut your lawn for pennies on the dollar, but do they have insurance in case someone gets hurt, or a window is broken? Will they answer your calls when there’s an issue with your bill? Are their workers background-checked, uniformed and legal? In the end, it’s just a matter of how much those things are worth to you. 

How long have you been in business?

Jim and John McCaughey started Terren in 1983 as a couple brothers mowing their neighbors’ lawns. In the almost 40 years since, the company has come a long way, and continues to grow each year.

Do you use legal workers?

Every single Terren employee is not only verifiably legal, but also background-checked, drug-tested and insured before being hired. While other companies save money by exploiting illegal workers and bending the rules, Terren is committed to a safe, secure, and legal workplace that treats their employees well. Our commitment to this is part of what sets us apart.

Do you do tree work?

We can perform light tree work, like pruning lower branches and fertilizing, but generally recommend a company like John B. Ward & Co Arborists or Shreiner Tree Care for larger projects requiring a certified arborist.

Are your minimums real?

Yes, they are real, with exceptions.

Our Landscape Designs begin at $3,000. For those not seeking a landscape design or who aren't current maintenance clients, please note we only install projects of sizes that are $15,000 and above.

Those engaging in a landscape design project with us - we will install any aspect of the project regardless of the cost.

If my project is less than the minimum, do you overcharge me?

Absolutely not. Many Client's phase out their entire landscape design plan over time and we understand that.

If we've proposed one portion of a project to be $7,329 - and that is all you are looking to do, then you will not be charged any extra. The project not meeting our minimum means it may be waitlisted due to high demand, but we are still excited to install your project!

Design + Build Questions

Do I get a copy of the design? Is it mine and can I bid it out to others?

Yes! After purchasing a design you will receive your own print and digital copies, with which you can do whatever you’d like. These fully-realized designs include all the necessary installation and material details, so you’ll have everything you need to have it installed by Terren or another landscape contractor of your choosing.

Can you help with drainage and stormwater solutions?

Yes. We pride ourselves on our expertise in stormwater management and drainage solutions, ensuring that your landscape not only looks good but also functions efficiently and isn't causing a major issue down the road.

We treat drainage projects very seriously. Water can be very powerful, and the latest storms are getting worse. We take extra care to ensure our projects are giving a safe and functional way for water to be drained away from the home. We don't suggest going for the lowest bidder on anything - but we especially do not suggest going for the lowest bidder when it comes to stormwater management. It can be catastrophic to your home, as well as dangerous.

What is your approach to sustainable landscaping?

We prioritize eco-friendly solutions, from utilizing native & pollinator friendly plants to implementing efficient rainwater systems. Our goal is to beautify spaces while minimizing environmental impact. One instance of doing so, is any top soil removed from a project is then recycled and screened to then be used for future projects.

Do I need a Landscape Architect?

Some larger and more complex projects require certification by a registered landscape architect (RLA), but other than that, anything they can do our landscape designers can do as well. And if your project does require an RLA, we’ve got one on staff for you, so don’t worry!

How long does a typical project take?

Project duration varies based on size and complexity. While a simple garden design might take a week, larger installations can span several weeks to more than a month. We always provide an estimated timeline during our initial consultations.

What's the ballpark cost for a landscape design & install?

Most people have no clue what to expect cost-wise, so we’re always open to discuss your project, budget, and provide price examples of past projects.

For perspective, hardscaping projects like patios can easily be upwards of $50,000, while pools often exceed $90,000. We always work to provide the best value for your budget.

Do you do patios with mortar?

Of course! While we tend to recommend “dry-lay” patios more often in recent years, our stonemasons do excellent “wet-lay” patio work with both standard and specialty materials as well.

Does my project require an engineering survey?

Dependent on the project requirements, Terren works with local townships to obtain the proper permits for each project. Most projects that include hardscaping require permitting.

We highly recommend property surveys for projects that will ultimately go through the township for permitting, such as designs that include hardscape items. Additionally, surveys are important for any project near unmarked property lines. Our designers will let you know during the initial meeting if they recommend having a survey drawn for your project.

It is important to note that the cost of a boundary survey or elevation survey is an additional cost done by an outside team. We have our own preferred team for this, but you are welcome to use your own or supply these surveys if you have them already.

Do you offer maintenance services post-installation?

Yes, we offer a comprehensive landscape maintenance service to keep your outdoor spaces looking their best year-round.

We highly suggest signing on for our full maintenance plan instead of having us maintain only the area we installed due to logistics. It is OK to have someone else do the mowing if that is desired.

When will our job be scheduled?

Projects are tentatively added to our calendar when both a signed build proposal and deposit are received. The installation schedule is a fluid thing that can change based on crew availability, weather conditions, and material availability. The designer in charge of your project will reach out prior to the installation to update you on any changes to the schedule and to let you know when the date gets closer to when crews will arrive on site.

Can you incorporate outdoor lighting into my landscape design?

Yes, we can design and install outdoor lighting systems that enhance the beauty and safety of your landscape. We offer a variety of lighting options, including accent lighting, cafe lights, path lighting, and security lighting, to meet your specific needs and preferences.

Maintenance Questions

What services do we offer?

There is little we can’t do upon request, but as far as the standard services go, they are as follows: Spring Cleanups, Bed Edging & Weeding, Pre-Emergent Weed Control, Mulch Applications, Weekly Mowing w/ Weekly Weeding, Pruning Visits and Fall Cleanups.

Will you bid on our home owners association maintenance? We are looking for the lowest bidder.

We are happy to bid any project within our service area that meets our $7500 yearly minimum. That said, we are rarely the lowest bidder, so if cost is the ultimate concern, we may not be the best fit.

Do you offer a low noise or low emission maintenance? Blowers are loud and bad for the environment.

We definitely do! Our fully-electric “Eco-crews” do their work without using any gas-powered equipment, which greatly reduces noise and eliminates emissions. Our robotic mower program also provides low noise & zero emission mowing, which helps decrease your carbon footprint just the same.

Why should I consider a robotic mower? Do you still visit each week?

There are many reasons to consider a robotic mower. A perfectly cut lawn 24/7 and no noisy gas mowers are two of the biggest draws, but many also simply enjoy the simplicity of it all. Weekly visits are still necessary in order to weedwack and maintain the device, but these can be done quickly and quietly with all electric equipment, so overall it’s much better for people who appreciate their peace and quiet.

Do you do snow plowing?

We offer snow plowing and salting services, but only to our full-service maintenance customers.

Do you maintain fountains?

We can install and maintain just about any water feature you can think of. Fountains included!

Do you offer services for both residential and commercial properties?

Yes, Terren Landscapes provides landscaping services for both residential and commercial properties. Our team has experience designing, installing, and maintaining landscapes for a variety of property types, including single-family homes, apartment complexes, office buildings, and more.

Can you design & plant annuals into my pots and beds?

Yes! We have a dedicated seasonal styling team that will seasonally refresh your homes annual beds, pots, urns, and decor. This includes the holidays too, be sure to inquire about Christmas or Halloween!

Can you setup our holiday decor each year?

Absolutely! Our seasonal stylist team specializes in creating festive atmospheres tailored to your preferences. Whether it's setting up Christmas lights for the winter holidays or creating a spooky home entrance for Halloween, we're here to bring your vision to life. Plus, with our annual scheduling, you can book in advance and ensure your home is season-ready without lifting a finger. Let us handle the details so you can immerse yourself in the joy of the season.