Landscape Design in Chestnut Hill, PA

Chestnut Hill's Trusted Partner Since 1983

Chestnut Hill, with its picturesque views and historic streets, deserves landscaping that complements its unique charm. Terren Landscapes goes beyond the ordinary, weaving the neighborhood’s rich history with innovative designs that resonate with today’s modern aesthetics.


Our team works closely with you, ensuring that each project mirrors the beauty and charisma of Chestnut Hill.


Our finely selected in-house crews and craftsman specialists will transform your design into reality with our fine touch of Garden Artistry.


Regular upkeep is essential, and our maintenance team ensures your landscape remains pristine, letting you enjoy Chestnut Hill’s four seasons without a hitch.

The terren PROMISE

Distinctive Maintenance

Beyond mere trimming and lawn care, maintenance for us signifies the continual evolution of a landscape masterpiece. Profoundly in tune with Chestnut Hill’s diverse flora and unique landscape, our maintenance brigade assures your green space is always in its prime, reflecting its original brilliance.

Landscape Photo Of Perennials And Artisanal Masonry

for CHESTNUT HILL Residences

Tailored Landscape Designs

Each Chestnut Hill dwelling echoes tales of legacy, and every garden we design amplifies that narrative. With an ensemble of modern artistry and Chestnut Hill’s timeless allure, we sculpt outdoor arenas that harmoniously meld practicality with enchantment. From tranquil woodland retreats to vibrant social hubs, our designs mirror your aspirations and Chestnut Hill’s architectural grandeur.

since 1983

Why Chestnut Hill Relies on Terren Landscapes

Our longstanding presence in Chestnut Hill grants us deep knowledge of its climatic nuances, soil characteristics, and distinct charm.

From conceptualization to persistent care, our suite of services is custom-tailored for Chestnut Hill’s diverse landscaping needs.

At the heart of our legacy lies an unwavering dedication to superior quality, be it in materials, design paradigms, or care routines.

Whether addressing drainage intricacies or maximizing compact spaces, our prowess lies in delivering imaginative yet resilient solutions that endure.

The Terren Experience Awaits

To us, Chestnut Hill isn’t just another town; it’s a part of our regions identity. A canvas where we’ve designed beautiful landscapes and formed lasting bonds. Partner with Terren Landscapes, and let’s weave a green mosaic worthy of your dream and Chestnut Hill’s rich legacy.