Project: Haunted Firepit


Project Description

This custom seating area and fire pit had no detail forgotten.

🌪️ Air Vents at the bottom ensure optimal oxygen flow, sustaining a consistent and beautifully flickering flame, while mitigating excessive smoke.

🧱 Heat-Optimized Bricks line the inside and base, radiating a gentle, encompassing warmth that extends your cozy gatherings into the crisp evening hours.

🏞️ Flagstone Patio & Lighting – The flat flagstone patio not only provides a smooth, elegant surface but is also adorned with subtle lighting, ensuring that your nights are immersed in a gentle, enchanting glow.

🪨 Strategically Positioned Boulders serve as additional, natural seating. Each one is meticulously placed to foster easy conversation, movement, and a harmonious interaction with the firepit, while maintaining an effortless flow within the patio area. For those smaller gatherings, Adirondack chairs fit perfectly.

Landscape Construction

Terren Landscapes

landscape design

Terren Landscapes – CJ Palmer



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