Landscape Design in West Chester, PA


Who Are We

Terren Landscapes, established in 1983, is the leading name in hardscaping & design. Our 20 seasoned masons, each with over a decade of expertise, are committed to crafting spaces that will endure Pennsylvania’s harsh climate for a lifetime.

"When I was choosing a team to design and install my vision, I chose Terren as I felt genuinely cared for and listened to. The results were simply beautiful."
Michelle B.
Cara Santoleri of Terren

Cara Santoleri

Landscape Designer

CJ Palmer of Terren

Carolyn Palmer

Senior Landscape Designer

Gary Westlake of Terren

Gary Westlake

Senior Landscape Architect

Landscape Photo Of Perennials And Artisanal Masonry

for West chester Residences

Tailored Landscape Designs

In West Chester, PA, every home narrates its own unique history, and our garden designs serve to enhance this rich tapestry. Merging innovative design with West Chester’s classic beauty, we fashion outdoor settings that are both useful and magical. Be it a peaceful hideaway amidst nature or a dynamic entertainment area, our creations are tailored to embody your vision and the distinctive architectural beauty of West Chester.


Our Work

Complimented by an exceptional landscape build team, we deliver meticulously crafted outdoor spaces. Our designers remain at the client’s side throughout, ensuring their vision is realized from inception to final touch.

since 1983

Why West Chester Relies on Terren Landscapes

Our longstanding presence in West Chester grants us deep knowledge of its climatic nuances, soil characteristics, and distinct charm.

From conceptualization to persistent care, our suite of services is custom-tailored for West Chester’s diverse landscaping needs.

At the heart of our legacy lies an unwavering dedication to superior quality, be it in materials, design paradigms, or care routines.

Whether addressing drainage intricacies or maximizing compact spaces, our prowess lies in delivering imaginative yet resilient solutions that endure.