Landscape Design Timeline: What to Expect

By Terren Landscapes

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Embarking on a landscape design project is an exciting adventure that promises to transform your outdoor living space into a personalized oasis. Understanding the journey from conception to completion is crucial for setting realistic expectations and achieving a landscape that not only meets but exceeds your dreams. Here’s an in-depth look at each phase of the process and key considerations for prospective clients.

1. Initial Consultation

The first and arguably most important step in your landscape design journey is the Initial Consultation Phase. This is where dreams begin to take shape, and the foundation for a successful project is laid.

During this phase:

  • Property Walkthrough: Our design team meets with you on-site to understand the unique characteristics of your property, discussing how each element can be enhanced or transformed.
  • Vision Sharing: You’ll have the opportunity to share your vision, preferences, and desired functionalities for your outdoor space, allowing us to capture your dream landscape accurately.
  • Problem Identification: We’ll identify any existing problems with your landscape, such as drainage issues, lack of privacy, or underutilized spaces, and discuss potential solutions.
  • Project Scope Definition: Together, we’ll outline the scope of the project, including key features you wish to incorporate, such as pools, outdoor kitchens, or custom hardscapes.
  • Budget Discussion: An open conversation about budget expectations will help guide the design process, ensuring that proposed solutions align with your financial considerations.
  • Next Steps: At the conclusion of the consultation, we’ll discuss the next steps in the design process, providing clarity on timelines and what to expect moving forward.

2. The Design Phase (4-6 Weeks)

Custom designs tailored to your vision. Work with our landscape designers to fully realize your landscapes potential.

  • Grading & Drainage Plans: Ensuring that your landscape is not only beautiful but also functional, with proper water management to prevent any future issues.
  • Pool & Spa Designs: Tailoring these water features to fit seamlessly into your overall landscape design, providing a luxurious escape within your property.
  • Outdoor Kitchen Designs: Creating functional, stylish spaces for entertaining and enjoying the great outdoors.
  • Lighting Design: Enhancing the beauty and usability of your outdoor space, ensuring it can be enjoyed both day and night.
  • Custom Designs: Working closely with landscape designers, your unique vision is brought to life through tailored designs. This includes custom hardscapes, landscape master plans, fire pits, and driveway designs.

3. Estimating

After refining the design to your satisfaction, we move on to estimating. This crucial step provides you with a comprehensive pricing breakdown for the entire project, including:

  • Project Phases: A detailed overview of costs associated with each stage of your landscape transformation.
  • Subcontractor Quotes: We collaborate with trusted subcontractors, ensuring quality workmanship at competitive prices.
  • Material Selection: Guiding you through the selection of high-quality materials that align with your vision and budget. We have samples in-stock that we’ll bring to you.
  • Installation Timeline: Offering a realistic timeline for the completion of your project, setting clear expectations from the start.

4. Permits

Obtaining the necessary permits is a process that demands patience and attention to detail. With most plans requiring township approval, this stage can extend four weeks or more. It encompasses a variety of elements, including grading, drainage, pools, spas, fences, decks, retaining walls, new patios, and pergolas. Early submission of finalized plans is key to avoiding delays.

5. When to Reach Out

Our approach to landscape design and installation prioritizes quality and durability, ensuring each project stands the test of time. Given our commitment to excellence and the intricate nature of our work, we advise reaching out 6 months prior to your desired installation date. For those considering pool projects, we recommend initiating discussions in May, a full 12 months ahead, to guarantee enjoyment by July 4th the following year.

Key Takeaways for Prospective Clients

  • Start Early: The “first come, first serve” nature of our scheduling underscores the importance of early engagement, particularly for those targeting specific completion dates.
  • Embrace the Process: Quality landscapes require time and thoughtful planning. Rushing through design or installation phases compromises the integrity and beauty of the final product.
  • Communication is Crucial: Keeping an open line of communication with your design team ensures that your project reflects your vision while adhering to practical and budgetary constraints.
  • Prepare for Permits: Anticipating the time needed for permit approval helps set realistic timelines for project completion.

After 40 years of designing, installing, and maintaining exemplary landscapes – this is the formula we’ve found that works best for an exceptional outcome with little issues. If you have any questions or are curious about starting an outdoor project with our team, you can contact us at [email protected] or send an inquiry below.

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