Our Picks for High-End Landscape Design Inspiration for 2024

By Terren Landscapes

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In the world of landscape design, there are no ceilings.

As we venture back into our home routines and start readying for fall – it’s time to start thinking about the projects we want for next year. New trends are emerging that fuse luxury, functionality, and eco-friendliness. Whether you’re a homeowner looking to revamp your garden or a landscape designer seeking inspiration, this guide explores the latest features to enhance outdoor living experiences.

Sustainable Pollinator Garden with Personal Golf Course and Rain Garden in Bryn Mawr, PA

Activity-Based Features for Landscape Design

1. Pickleball Court: A trending feature for sports enthusiasts, pickleball courts are being integrated into modern landscape design, offering both fitness and fun. Also, how else are you going to be better than Emily & Steve?

2. Miniature Golf Course: A miniature golf course is not just for amusement parks; it’s becoming a unique addition to private gardens.

3. Bocce Ball Court: Bocce ball courts add a touch of European flair and social excitement to any garden.

4. Outdoor Movie Theater: Technology and landscape design converge in outdoor movie theaters. Perfect for family movie nights and entertaining guests. While we’re at it, why not install hidden garden speakers specifically zoned for your night time movie experience?

5. Custom Treehouse: The treehouse concept is being reinvented. Modern designs emphasize aesthetics and functionality, turning a childhood dream into an adult reality.

6. Heated Patio & Driveway: No more getting snowed in, waiting for the plows, or having that snowblower take up garage space.

Garden Styles in Landscape Design

7. Sculpted Topiary Garden: Artistry in the garden comes alive with sculpted topiaries.

8. Kitchen Vegetable Garden: With sustainability in mind, kitchen vegetable gardens are gaining popularity. They provide fresh produce, reconnect homeowners with nature, and are a great learning experience for you and your kids.

9. Orchard Garden: Orchard gardens are a fruitful addition to landscape design. Imagine always having fresh apples to grab in the morning!

10. Rooftop Terrace: Urban landscape design has embraced rooftop terraces, turning underused spaces into green havens, and helping add green back into our city Philadelphia.

11. Sunken Garden: Sunken gardens provide a mystical and intimate setting, and landscape designers are experimenting with various styles and plants.

12. No Mow Lawn: Embracing environmental sustainability, no mow lawns are the future of eco-friendly gardening.

Ipe Decking And Hardscape With Fountain

Water Features & Natural Habitats
in Landscape Design

13. Koi Pond: Landscape design and tranquillity come together in koi ponds. They offer endless design possibilities and create peaceful garden spots.

14. Lily Pond: Lily ponds are a timeless addition, adding elegance and a touch of romance.

15. Infinity Edge Swimming Pool: The epitome of luxury, infinity pools are becoming more accessible as a must-have feature in high-end landscape design. Not to mention a retractable cover!

16. Lavender Field: Transforming gardens into fragrant paradises, lavender fields are a trending choice.

17. Pollinator Garden: Supporting local ecosystems, pollinator gardens bring life and natural beauty.

18. Wildflower Meadows: For those seeking a more naturalistic approach, wildflower meadows offer beauty and environmental benefits.

Luxury Features in Landscape Design

19. Outdoor Kitchen and Bar: The era of outdoor cooking has evolved. Landscape designers are creating fully equipped outdoor kitchens and bars, perfect for entertaining.

20. Hartley Botanic Greenhouse: For serious gardeners, a Hartley Botanic greenhouse offers the opportunity to cultivate exotic plants year-round.

21. Fire Pit Lounge: Fire pit lounges have become a staple in modern landscape design, providing warmth and style.

22. Landscaped Helipad: For the most exclusive properties, landscaped helipads offer convenience without sacrificing aesthetics.

23. Outdoor Sauna: Health and wellness are becoming integral to landscape design with the addition of outdoor saunas.

24. English-style Maze: For a truly unique garden feature, English-style mazes offer both fun and historical charm.

Terren Landscapes Vans

The landscape design trends of 2024 are diverse, offering something for everyone. From activity-based features to luxury amenities, gardens are being transformed into multifunctional spaces that cater to various lifestyles and tastes. Whether it’s adding a sports court, embracing environmental sustainability, or crafting a luxurious outdoor living area, the possibilities are endless.

If you’re considering revamping your outdoor space, these inspirations can guide you in creating a garden that reflects your personality and meets your needs. With the right landscape design, your garden will become an extension of your home, a place to relax, entertain, and enjoy life to the fullest.

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