Spring Weeds Are Here. Are You Prepared?

By Terren Landscapes

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Landscape Management & The Rise of Spring Weeds

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results” – Albert Einstein

Einstein was a genius but he wasn’t exactly your “model gardener”. It is said that while leasing a small property in Germany, he allowed weeds to grow so rampant that he was actually issued a citation by his neighborhood authority.

There’s something to be said of this definition of insanity when it comes to weeds. Because the truth is, to claim they can be completely eliminated is insane. By nature, weeds are uniquely programmed to survive and thrive.

Weeds are Master Competitors

With every season’s emergence, these plants compete for the same sunlight, water and nutrients that your lawn and garden do. And most of these plants have been in this fight for centuries, having originated as a species long ago and from as far away as Europe and Asia. They’ve become master competitors in the green space due to their ability to adapt and propagate throughout history.

Our Theory of Control & Beautification

As horticultural professionals, we understand weed control as a vital part of any successful landscaping program. Control the weeds, and your lawn and garden will flush with new growth and beautiful color every year.

Do You Have a Plan?

Having a solid plan of attack to prevent and remove weeds early on is the best defense against these pesky invaders. Our specialized Weed Control Team is ready to hit the ground running and will be making the rounds very soon. If you live in or around the Main Line and are concerned about weeds in your garden or lawn, give us a call and we’ll come visit.

But don’t tell those weeds. They won’t know what hit them!

Common Lawn & Garden Weeds

Creeping Thistle – Annual

Lesser Celandine -Annual

White Clover – Annual

Shotweed – Perennial

Crab Grass – Perennial

Chickweed – Annual

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