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Springing Forward

Planting Bulbs In Fertile Soil For Spring Blooms

Planning for Spring Blossoms

As I sit here writing this, the sun has gone into hiding, it’s been raining consistently, and the high for today is maybe 59 degrees. Fall is definitely in full swing and in addition to scheduling fall displays, our Fine Garden Stylist, Mary is beginning to prepare for spring-flowering bulbs. So, let’s spring forward for the next few minutes and look at these gorgeous, bulb-derived blossoms.

Of course, if you see it and want it- you know who to call!


These gorgeous flowers come in a variety of shapes and colors. Whether you do variations of one color in different shapes, or a bed of the same bud, you can’t go wrong.



Queen of the Night

Green Exotic Emperior


How can an onion look so beautiful? That’s right, these big spherical shaped flowers that sprout upwards of 1, 2, and sometime 3 feet tall are actually ornamental onions. They obviously aren’t your typical flower, and will definitely make people stop and stare.

White Empress

Purple Ambassador


If there were a flower that announced the arrival of spring, this would be it. They are suitable for planting just about anywhere and are deer and rodent resistant.


Barret Browning



Iris, Lily and Hyacynth

These elegant blooms are a must in any spring garden. The Dutch iris is just one of several varieties and are some of spring’s earliest bloomers. The Asiatic lily can be found in a range of colors: yellow, orange, pink, red or white and are usually odorless. The hyacinth is another perennial that is grown for it’s distinct shapes, colors and it also carries a lovely scent.

Dutch Iris

Asiatic Lily

Grape Hyacinth

Gypsy Queen Hyacinth

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