7 Landscape Design Trends Shaping Luxurious Outdoor Spaces

By Terren Landscapes

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The rise of climate consciousness and eco-friendly practices is subtly transforming the world of landscape design. This evolution echoes throughout the beautiful spaces crafted by the revered Pennsylvania-based firm, Terren Landscapes. Known for their ability to blend natural aesthetics with sustainability, Terren’s work encompasses seven emerging trends that are redefining the luxury landscape industry.

1. Embracing Drought-Resistant Gardens

Water scarcity is increasingly a global concern as environments become hotter and water restrictions are introduced. Terren Landscapes designers are responding by pioneering the use of drought-resistant gardens in their luxury designs. This strategy allows homeowners to maintain lush, verdant spaces without placing undue strain on valuable water resources, saving time and money on needs for costly irrigation systems. Check out some of the top recommended plants for drought-resistant gardens, that also support our pollinators.

2. Celebrating “Heroic Weeds”

Once seen as pesky invaders, “heroic weeds” are gaining recognition for their tenacity and resilience. Terren Landscapes is at the forefront of this trend, by leaving some of these weeds in the garden beds to enhance biodiversity and soil health. The humble dandelion and persistent clover, among others, find a home in their compositions, bringing a unique charm to luxury landscapes. Afterall, a complete and balanced ecosystem is key to a beautiful property.

3. Marrying Aesthetic and Edible Plants

The division between the ornamental garden and the kitchen garden is blurring. More homeowners are choosing to integrate edible plants into their landscape, a trend Terren Landscapes has been championing. Our designers can seamlessly blend vegetables, herbs, and fruit trees into landscape designs, enhancing not just the visual appeal but also the functionality of the space.

If rabbits, deer, and groundhogs are an issue, we typically recommend an enclosed vegetable garden, or protective coverings to help ward off any hungry visitors.

4. Mushroom Cultivation on the Rise

Mushroom cultivation, while not a traditional element of landscape design, is gaining popularity for its environmental and health benefits. Many people are incorporating fungi into their properties, especially shaded woody landscapes, often utilizing mushroom species like the Shaggy Mane or Wine Cap Stropharia, which add a unique touch to the landscape while improving soil health.

5. Crafting Spaces for Serenity

In a world that’s increasingly busy and interconnected, landscapes that offer tranquility and escape are in high demand. Terren Landscapes creates serene outdoor “rooms” and contemplative garden spaces that offer an oasis of calm. Water features, quiet nooks for reading, or meditation zones are just a few examples of this trend in their designs.

6. Green-Dominant Palettes for Calm

While bold, vibrant colors have their place, there’s a growing trend toward green-dominant palettes in landscape design. Terren Landscapes emphasizes varying shades and textures of green to promote feelings of calm and relaxation. From the deep green of pachysandra ground coverings to the bright foliage of Hostas, they use a spectrum of green to create a peaceful ambiance.

7. Recycled and Organic Materials for Landscaping

Our new finely shredded mulch for 2023

Lastly, sustainability is a principle that guides all of Terren’s projects. They’re employing recycled materials for hardscaping and using organic mulch and compost to improve soil health. This approach not only reduces the environmental footprint of their projects but also enhances the natural beauty of the landscapes they create.

In 2023, we’ve changed our mulch provider to a company offering an even higher quality product – and although its a little more expensive, we’ve kept our prices the same. This finely shredded, no dye, organic bark mulch helps feed your garden beds with nutrients as it breaks down, majorly assists in retaining moisture, and doesn’t leave behind huge chunks of bark that takes years to break down.

One final example is our use of recycled hardscaping materials. In 2021, an old church was being demolished. We salvaged the hundred year old cobblestone and other hardscaping leftovers to then be used in a clients property later that year.

In the hands of Terren Landscapes, these seven trends are more than just passing fads – they’re a vision of the future of luxury landscape design. These design approaches are sustainable, beautiful, and reflective of a broader shift towards more thoughtful interaction with our environment, proving that luxury and sustainability can harmoniously coexist.

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