Navigating the Storms: A Guide to Stormwater Management in PA

By Terren Landscapes

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Our Proven Solutions from 40 Years of Experience

Summer on the Main Line suburbs of Philadelphia (and surrounding) has brought an unexpected challenge for homeowners – an unprecedented amount of rain and frequent storms. With such weather conditions, the need for proper stormwater management has never been more important. For those seeking unmatched expertise in drainage solutions, Terren Landscapes is leading the way in safeguarding both homes and landscapes from water problems.

Comprehensive Attention to Drainage

At Terren, we begin every single project with meticulous attention to drainage and stormwater management. Our process starts with a detailed evaluation of the existing conditions, identifying potential risk areas that could lead to water accumulation or damage to the structure of the house or landscape. This is not just a side task for us; it’s the core foundation of our design and execution process.

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Prioritizing Quality Materials

Our commitment to excellence is demonstrated through our choice of materials. We prioritize the use of SCH35 pipe or greater for all of our drainage projects. This robust material ensures durability and efficiency, providing a reliable solution that stands up to the most demanding weather conditions.

Sustainable Pollinator Garden with Personal Golf Course and Rain Garden in Bryn Mawr, PA

Artful Rainwater Solutions

What sets Terren apart from the companies in our area is our ability to create elaborate and artful rainwater solutions. We believe that function should not compromise aesthetics. Our team designs drainage systems that are not only effective but visually appealing, blending seamlessly with the landscape’s overall design.

Beyond Conventional Approaches

Our innovative approach to stormwater management is about more than just diverting water away from the property. It’s about harnessing rainwater in an eco-friendly manner, directing it to nourish plants, replenish groundwater, and even serve as a feature in the garden’s design, such as a tranquil pond or a rain garden.

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Landscapers Installing Artful Rain Garden Solution in Malvern, PA

Trust in Terren

Ensuring Safety and Readiness Before the Storm Hits

The importance of preparing for stormy weather extends beyond the drainage systems. At Terren Landscapes, our landscape maintenance regime plays a critical role in storm preparedness, ensuring that your property is ready to weather any storm.

Holistic Landscape Maintenance with an Eye on the Sky

Understanding the vulnerabilities of a landscape is crucial as storms approach. Our maintenance teams not only beautify spaces, but they also play a pivotal role in minimizing damage from high winds and heavy rainfall. Loose branches, weak trees, and improperly maintained shrubs can become projectiles during storms, causing damage to properties. We make sure to prune and trim vegetation regularly, ensuring they’re less likely to break or be uprooted during adverse weather conditions.

Partnerships with Leading Arborists for Tree Health

Trees are essential elements of a landscape, but they can also pose significant risks during storms if not properly maintained. Recognizing this, Terren Landscapes has partnered with some of the area’s leading arborists like John B Ward Co and Shreiner. This collaboration ensures that trees on your property are not only aesthetically pleasing but also healthy and robust. Weak or dying trees are susceptible to falling during high winds, and our arborist partners help in identifying potential risks, recommending solutions, and implementing them.

With frequent storms and heavy rain becoming a new norm in the suburbs of Philadelphia (Bryn Mawr, Chestnut Hill, Malvern, etc.), homeowners must be proactive in protecting their properties. At Terren Landscapes, we offer unparalleled expertise in drainage solutions. Our commitment to quality, our use of the finest materials, and our artful approach to rainwater management are what separates us from the rest.

When it comes to navigating the storms, trust in the team that has the vision, the innovation, and the track record for delivering exceptional results. Contact us today and discover how we can help you ensure that your house and landscape are safe from water problems.

Frequently Asked Stormwater Questions

Q: What is stormwater management, and why is it important?

A: Stormwater management involves the planning, design, and implementation of measures to control and utilize rainwater and runoff. Proper stormwater management protects properties from flooding, erosion, and water damage. It also helps in conserving water and can contribute to the overall aesthetic of a landscape.

Q: What are common issues with corrugated pipe drainage systems, and why might they be considered a bad solution?

A: Corrugated pipes, especially those made from flexible materials, can become prone to clogging, sagging, and cracking. Dirt and debris can collect in the ridges, leading to clogs, while the flexible nature of the material can cause the pipe to lose shape over time. Additionally, connections between sections can become weak, leading to leaks. These issues make corrugated pipes a less desirable solution for long-term stormwater management.

Q: How does Terren Landscapes approach stormwater management?

A: Terren Landscapes adopts a comprehensive approach, beginning each project with a detailed assessment of the existing conditions. They prioritize using quality materials like SCH35 pipe and employ innovative, artful solutions to manage rainwater. The goal is to create efficient drainage systems that are both functional and visually appealing.

Q: How does Terren Landscapes’ approach to catch basin systems differ from the small pop-up drainage solutions commonly seen, and why is it considered superior?

A: Terren Landscapes takes a comprehensive approach to catch basin systems, meticulously sizing them based on roof measurements, water intake, and other factors specific to each property. Unlike small pop-up drainage solutions that can easily become overwhelmed or clogged, Terren’s method involves digging a large hole and inserting a catch basin that is surrounded by filter fabric and 2B stone. This basin is then topped with a 24″ industrial-quality lid.

This method ensures a greater level of control over water flow, providing a more robust and reliable solution for stormwater management. By using a catch basin surrounded by filter fabric, the system is more resistant to clogging, allowing for the continuous flow of water. The use of 2B stone adds further stability and durability.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is for informational purposes only. Contact a professional from Terren Landscapes for a customized solution for your specific property.

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