Tips For Hiding Pool Equipment And AC Units With Plants.

By Terren Landscapes

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Concealing the necessary but not so attractive elements of your landscape 

Air conditioning units, compressors, generators, pool pumps, and trash bins all have a place in our everyday lives, but do you really want to see them when you look out onto your beautifully manicured property? These and other visible elements like busy roadways, fences and portions of neighboring properties can be a visual nuisance when it comes to completely enjoying your personal outdoor space.

Although most of these items cannot be moved, they can be masked with a landscape design technique referred to as screening. Screening is a way to creatively conceal anything from outdoor machinery to your neighbor’s roof line. It can also create enclosure and privacy. In some instances screening offers the benefit of buffering noises like the hum of an ac unit or traffic from a nearby roadway.

As landscape design professionals we understand the key to effectively obscuring an object from view is to guide the viewpoint by skillfully distracting the eye. There are a number of ways we do this like designing structures, shaping pathways, and selecting plants for their coloring and growth characteristics.

If there’s an area within your property that needs to be masked because it can’t be moved, call on us! We look forward to it!

We’re here to make your property look its best!

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